Author- Yasmin N.
Here are some tips that would really help you when you are recording your voice in Garageband.

 1. When you want to record your voice you should always write down what you want to say before recording it because it helps you be organized more better and not make mistakes when recording. Your recording would sound smoother and nicer.

 2. If you make a mistake when you are recording, keep on going. DO NOT stop. You could always cut/split it and make it nicer later after you finished recording.

 3. Always ask the person next to if you can record before recording because if you record at the same time you will hear the person next to you in your recording.

 4. If you want to put sound effects inside your Podcast you should insert it in the ‘Jingles’ section.

 5. Don’t put the mike too near your mouth or it would sound funny and weird.

 6. If you want some music inside the background while you   record, you should always make your voice LOUDER than the music.

 7. Remember, the PLAY button is NOT for recording. The big red button at the bottom is the recording button. Sometimes you may forget and record NOTHING.

 8. You can make a duplicate of your recording by pressing Ctrl while dragging the recording next to it.

 9. You can adjust the volume of your recording. At the left you will see the volume picture and then you could make it louder or lower.

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