How to Make Fun and Amazing Cool Podcasts on Garageband.

  •  To have a great podcast, you have to be organized. So you could go to Microsoft word and write what you are going to say.
  •  When you are recording, everyone should be quiet, so you can hear you when you record. Also you have to have a clear voice. If you are quiet, then speak up a little. Don’t put the microphone too near. Or your voice would be too loud. Then push the red record button.
  •  If you recorded what you wanted, but then you make a mistake, don’t stop, just go on.
  •  Delete the parts you don’t want by splitting the track and deleting the part you do not need.
  •  If you want background music but it you can’t find it in Garageband, you could drag your files to the Media Brower and drop it. Then you can split the music too, just like you did with your voice.

-Chatu K.

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