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Mr. Sturgeon

Mr. Sturgeon is presently a Middle School Technology Integrator.


Website Reviews

Some great reviews. For the first time ever we used screenshots and created musicĀ and packaged our audio reviews into movies then uploaded to YouTube! Read full article »

Aidan Tech Talk- Hotel Management

Aidan has a brand new challenge. Give it a try!   Read full article »

Up to Now

In iLearn so far: Google Docs and Google Drive Management Google Searches Google Survey creation Mac-Pages for poster design Technology Issues cartoons Read full article »

Rand Hands Out Electrocity Tips

Read full article »

Xavier Discusses the Dark Room

Read full article »

Ralph Reviews Electrocity

Read full article »

Mathis Reviews Geoguessr

Read full article »

Raz Kids -Frances

Read full article »

Luke -Addicting Games

Lukes presents in a captivating manner.     Read full article »

Rico-Command and Control form Armor Games

Rico recommends Command and Control form Armor Games Read full article »

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