Mr. Sturgeon

Mr. Sturgeon is presently a Middle School Technology Integrator.


Making Tutorials

Recently Grade Five students have been make tutorials to share with others. Read full article »

More Great Pivot Animations!

Check out Tae Hoon's work. Read full article »

Pivot Animation

Check out Tim's animated movie. This is an example of the final product of our Animation unit.   And his practice tutorial. Students had to have a character walk, jump, and run. Much more difficult than it sounds or looks. Read full article »


Booting from the Lab Mac Minis Hold ALT when booting then choose Windows or Mac Booting from MaBook llaptops Hold "Option" Login on all MacMinis Log in under ISM Password is Bearcat Computer Lab Rooms 1038A PCs       1038B MacMinis         1039A MacMinis       1039B MacMinis MS ISM-Online Blog Site pic source Read full article »


Beginner animators are in luck. Pivot, the popoular stickman animation tool, is no longer being updated and is not available on the Mac. Stykz comes to the rescue! Stykz is very similar to Pivot. The few differences include: 1) the ablity to create new figures directly in the working window 2) a lack of an installed library 3) Stykz 1.0 when it is released Read full article »

Password Power

Your password must have: at least seven characters at least one capital/uppercase letter at least one number Here are some examples: GoofBall001                        gOOfball11                                  Sturgeon99                  sturgeoN99 iATE my2cats                   HarryPotter8 *Grade Five studnts must ask a Tech teacher to have their passwords changed. Read full article »

Be gentle with the carts!

Grade Five and Six laptop carts are being rolled out soon. Here are some tips for students: handle with care be sure to exchange student ID for a laptop be sure to plug in when you return it use your USB to save your work as a backup handle with care] If you have other tips, leave a comment Read full article »

A New Beginnning

 This school year at International School Manila we have so much more: Grade Five has been welcomed as part of our Middle School new laptop carts grades five and six four fully functionally computer labs(three setup with MacMini so that you can run Windows and Mac OS) new people: myself teaching the Grade Five and Six electives of iLearn and iDesign. Check out the Read full article »

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