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Stykz — Easy Stick Animation Block A — What We Learned:

            What we learned by exploring Stykz for the first time: Moving a character Color Characters Adding More Characters Make Credits How To Use The Shapes Lines and Circles How to save a STYKZ File Background color How to stretch and distort characters Animating a Walking Figure Read full article »

iLearn Video Fun

Here are some lighthearted videos produced by the Grade 5 iLearn students in Mr. Sturgeon's class. Many thanks to Marcus, Keshnen, Aadi, Aadihitya, Aarushi, Amal, Chatu, and Yasmin for a great semester. Read full article »

iDesign Logos 2011

Read full article »

Test Video Embed Read full article »

Are You Easily Distracted?

...then Marcus has a site for you! Read full article »

Great Tips For Recording Your Voice In Garage Band

Author- Yasmin N.   Here are some tips that would really help you when you are recording your voice in Garageband.  1. When you want to record your voice you should always write down what you want to say before recording it because it helps you be organized more better and not make mistakes when recording. Your recording would sound smoother and nicer. Read full article »

How to Make Fun and Amazing Cool Podcasts on Garageband-Chatu

How to Make Fun and Amazing Cool Podcasts on Garageband.  To have a great podcast, you have to be organized. So you could go to Microsoft word and write what you are going to say.  When you are recording, everyone should be quiet, so you can hear you when you record. Also you have to have a clear voice. If you are Read full article »

Website Recommendations: Raindrops

Keshnen   Read full article »

Website Recommendations: Coolmath

Coolmath by Aadithya Read full article »

Website Recommmendations: Treetop Trouble

  Read full article »

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