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Google Sketch Up Designs

Google Sketchup designs from iDesign. Click below for  a series of awesome designs that play one right after  the other. Read full article »

Animation Celebration 2011-12 Read full article »

iDesign Animation Semester 1 2011

Yasmin Dennis Tara Jack Seth Finn Miho Pilar Sofia Izzy Ji Yoon Ryan Read full article »

Mr. Hoover’s iDesign students’ final animations

Students used the application, "Stykz" to create fantastic digital animations. They had to brainstorm ideas, storyboard their plot before starting, conduct peer reviews of their ideas, and then animate the final project. Once completed the students used iMovie to embed sound effects, voice-overs, music, and titles. Check them out! Read full article »

Animations For the Public!

Some Grade 6 iDesign students created animations that were played for the entire Middle School this past Wednesday. Based on the laughing. applause, and the audience's desire for more, the student animators should be proud of their work. If you are interested in animation, download the free Stykz program. It is available for both Windows and Mac. The website includes Read full article »

iLearn-Share the Knowledge Challenge

Mr. Sturgeon's iLearn students given the challenge of completing a word processing skills test recently. The goal was to have all students complete the task as quickly as possible. Students were encouraged to talk to each other, explain how to complete tasks, and even point to the screen and walk students through more difficult questions. The one approach not Read full article »

How To Use a Wave Board

iDesign student , Soham, has previously posted an insturctional video to YouTube. If interested in knowing how to use a waveboard, check it out below. Read full article »

Walk Run Jump part II Read full article »

Super Examples of Walk, Run, Jump

Check out a few animation samples of Mr. Sturgeon's semester II  iDesign class. Read full article »

Block G-SketchUp Read full article »

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