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iPads in the Hallway

As iDesign students were finishing up their animations, some students investigated the soon to be released MS iPads. They disappeared into hallway and later returned with the following trailer they created on their own. A good way to end the week. Read full article »

Supreme Animations – iDesign 2012

Which one is your favorite? Read full article »

Walk, Run, Jump: A Good Start

Walk Run Jump Here are the first attempts: Katie Kaoru Ayako Emma Miyalin Katelyn Sofia Kishan Rura Areez Lucas Areez Eliot Katya Yanpeng Jasmine Moka Read full article »

Google Sketch Up Designs

Google Sketchup designs from iDesign. Click below for  a series of awesome designs that play one right after  the other. Read full article »

Animation Celebration 2011-12 Read full article »

iDesign — Walk-Run-Jump — Student Animations

Here are six examples of our recently finished Walk - Run - Jump assignment using a program called Stykz! Enjoy :-)     Read full article »

iDesign Animation Semester 1 2011

Yasmin Dennis Tara Jack Seth Finn Miho Pilar Sofia Izzy Ji Yoon Ryan Read full article »

Hit the Wall!

Read full article »

Stykz Animation Sem.1 Mr. Sturgeon Read full article »

Personal Profiles-Sturgeon Read full article »

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