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B Cubed- Georgia

Georgia tells us the simple yet challenging B-Cubed from Coolmath. Read full article »

Website Review Podcasts are Back!

A  BrainPop sample from Katya.                 Check out he best reviews on the iTunes store under the the iLearn podcast.             Read full article »

A Change of Pace

As practice for website reviews, students explore Garageband and create their own music. Here is something from Alice.  Perhaps it could be a soundtrack for your upcoming short films!     pic source Photo Credit: busy.pochi via Compfight cc Read full article »

A Longtime Classic-Electocity

The iLearn class continues to publish great educational website reviews to the world via the class blog and iTunes. Here is Ike's review of a classic-Electocity. Read full article »

Pancakes Revisited

Cheska echoes earlier suggestions of crazy and entertaining game of Poppa's Pancakeria. Read full article »


HOLA MIS AMIGA!! listen to our review on POPTROPICA!!!!!! and plus it's by yours truly, ALICIA AND NORA!!! Nora and Alicia   Read full article »

The Expedition Game-Marlijn and Josesphine

  Read full article »

EdHeads for Bored People-Pari

Read full article »

Poppa’a Pancakeria -Maddy

Read full article »

Edheads Revisited-Reed

Read full article »

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