Teach Yourself: Google Docs, Chrome, Mac apps and more!

Ever get stuck and not know how to get a task done on your computer? Well, thanks to the following students, you can get clear and concise directions for common tasks you may need to perform. Choose a topic of your choice and the student’s instructions will guide you to success. How to Get to […]

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iLearn-Share the Knowledge Challenge

Mr. Sturgeon’s iLearn students given the challenge of completing a word processing skills test recently. The goal was to have all students complete the task as quickly as possible. Students were encouraged to talk to each other, explain how to complete tasks, and even point to the screen and walk students through more difficult questions. […]

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iLearn Tutorials

Students created tutorials for users using basic screen capture tools. They had to make sure that the directions were clear and easy to follow.

Tutorials:Better Than Ever

iLearn students designed some tutorials to hlep Grade 5 students perform required tasks on the Grade 5 Sustainability Ning social network.

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More Helpful Hints from Sammy

Making Tutorials

Recently Grade Five students have been make tutorials to share with others.


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