Students acquire foundational skills and exposure to ideas and tools to enhance production and efficiency in regular classes. Students are introduced to many Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds. Personal Learning Networks are introduced as well as exposure to a vast amount of educational resources, audio manipulation, movie production, and concept mapping. Students leave the course with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge and experience with a wide range of technology applications.

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Digital Citizenship
Concept Mapping
Audio Production and Editing
Movie Making


Students begin the year , and continue throughout the course, perfecting their use of everyday applications. Simple design layout, basic word processing and research skills. Students understand the basic logistics of managing their school documents via the network and the portal.

Technology Issues

  • Cyber Safety
  • Personal and Private Information
  • Social networking sites
  • Personal tech experiences

Concept Mapping

Students are introduced to inspiration a visual mapping, outlining, writing and presentation tool. This example of concept mapping program aids students in brainstorming and structuring their thoughts visually.


Audio Production and Editing

Students create audio recordings reviewing educational websites. Additionally, they may create may record something of their choice that will help the student at ISM. The importance of good planning, clear speaking, and sound effects are introduced. Students use Garageband and Audacity to create the recordings.

Movie Production

Students learn the basics of planning a movie, the importance of solid storytelling, how to utilize motion, the importance of text, and the power of sound.

Personal Learning and Management

Throughout the course learn management strategies for dealing with their school work. The Mac operating system is utilized daily and strategies are employed to be as efficient as possible.