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Google Sketch Up Designs

Google Sketchup designs from iDesign. Click below for  a series of awesome designs that play one right after  the other. Read full article »

Block G-SketchUp

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-wYN0U-wjc Read full article »

Nikhil’s Happy House at Happy Town University

Nikhil's produced an awesome house for his Happy Town society. Play close attention to the details as he created virtually everything on his own. Read full article »

Zar Zar’s Awesome Home Tour

Check out the awesome home built by Zar Zar using Google SketchUp. Particular attention to the intricate detail she uses when designing some of the furniture inside her home. Read full article »

Martin's House Tour

Martin has designed a house using Google Sketchup. Here he gives you a tour of his newly constructed home. Read full article »

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