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Teach Yourself: Google Docs, Chrome, Mac apps and more!

Ever get stuck and not know how to get a task done on your computer? Well, thanks to the following students, you can get clear and concise directions for common tasks you may need to perform. Choose a topic of your choice and the student's instructions will guide you to success. How to Get to Google Drive-Maddy¬† How to Change Desktop ¬†Picture Read full article »

iLearn Tutorials

Students created tutorials for users using basic screen capture tools. They had to make sure that the directions were clear and easy to follow. Read full article »

Tutorials:Better Than Ever

iLearn students designed some tutorials to hlep Grade 5 students perform required tasks on the Grade 5 Sustainability Ning social network. Read full article »

More Helpful Hints from Sammy

Read full article »

Making Tutorials

Recently Grade Five students have been make tutorials to share with others. Read full article »

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